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Botanical Dyeing

The Scrunchie Project x Wildlife SOS

I would like to Help


There are trinkets and soul stirring art made by brilliant women which other shy women get to wear everyday and get remembered. If I had a penny for every time someone stopped me to ask about my June baubles, we could have our own charity. So glad your exists, please keep them coming.

Rohini, Mumbai


I'm never seen without a quirky piece of jewelry, and I completely blame it on June. Ever since I bought my first handmade beauty, I'm totally hooked and keep going back for more. They are reviving Indian craft and are transparent as to what goes behind the scenes. Best fix to any boring/loud outfit is to never step out without June.

Pooja Mathur, Ahmedabad


I discovered June in 2016 and loved their mirrored bohemian beauties, and been hooked every since. I've loved the brand and personally own a tiny June collection. There's something perfect about their pieces and the eye for details. Have introduced so many people to June and will continue to do so. 

Jasmin Kaur, Delhi

Yes to Handmade and Everything Local

Wearing handmade is a luxury,  matter of pride and  way of self expression. Making a statement without words. Our bold jewellery suffices the needs and opinions of women in power by wearing it like their skin. 

Gift card

Gifting has always been about a personal touch and what is more close than jewellery being worn everyday.