The Beach Collective

Beach Collective
This ones close to our heart. June is all about the vibes, the lovely people we meet and the places we see.
During one of our trips this year we came across some beautiful souls at Auroville, India. We couldn't help but soak in all the sunshine and be amused by their dexterity. Met some stoner sculptors who spoke about the craft and its intricacies. 
We sat with these artisans and spoke about the beaches and what it has to offer. Our collection is literally off the BEACH.  The Single faced man and the Shell neckpiece are stones that we procured locally and carved them into the beauties they are.  The fine lines and the detailing were the touch of artisans as they take their craft too seriously. 
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Below is our small range of Sustainable jewellery using Stones, mother of pearls and Jute threads.
And we didn't stop here. Being the beach bum that we are, always eyes these raw Pearl shells and decided to add June detailing to them. Can you see the small beads, drilled and how. These shells from Goa added such a dimension to our Collective and we couldn't be happier about them. 
We can't wait to show you all of our creations. These are all single pieces with their natural beauty and seems like they have travelled waters to come to us. 
Sticking to what we love, coins and tassels. Digging the off white and Jute here. 
Love and Good Vibes