The Scrunchie Project

Everyone knows what a scrunchie is, hair ties. And we decided to do something more interesting and fulfilling than just selling them. 
During these horrid times when it’s getting difficult for humans to cope with, we can’t imagine the plight of animals. Most of the conservatories in India have a fund-based model, money coming from volunteers, and tourists. And right now, they are struggling to provide basics for the animals they have been taking care for years now.

With this initiative, we wanted to target varied issues and raise money for wild animals, help reduce industrial waste, provide work to women, and feel a little better about the world we live in.
We have been taking their rightful land, their own tusks, their very skin, killing them in human and wildlife conflict and trophy hunting, everything for our recreation and material pleasure. Our greed supersedes a living soul.
We just didn’t want to raise money but also provide a souvenir for good souls like you. Our scrunchie is a reminder that every time you walk out wearing it, you have earned it and that little contribution will go a long way. And if you are receiving compliments make sure to pass on the love by talking about The scrunchie project by June and how they can also be a part of it.

50% of the proceeds will go to Wildlife SOS and the remaining will be distributed between women tailors and material cost.

Transparency and honesty are virtues that we have withheld since inception and continue to do so. 
You can select from three options for quantity and we will send you an assorted mix of scrunchies from the pieces available. Mind you we keep making new pieces daily and you will love the ones you receive.
If you would like to donate more, please write to us on with the subject: The Scrunchie Project.  
 Thank you for supporting us. A small contribution always goes a long way.
Do spread the love.