Product Care

Our products are all handmade using threads, vintage textiles, brass, afghani pieces, wool and more. There may be some irregularities in the shape sometimes but those are not mistakes but the characteristics and the essence of the whole handmade process.

Do not wash the pieces. We use threads that don’t bleed colour. But the vintage textile and pom-pom may bleed and we take no guarantee if washed. However the mirror can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

And it would be great if you could keep your beauties in the June bags provided. It would keep the dust away.


Please also keep in mind that there might be variations on the actual colour and the texture from what is evident in the pictures, due to technological limitations in such presentation. Since these products are handmade we take utmost care to achieve the goods as close to the mentioned specifications. However, take into account some minor variations considering the creative process. The buyer acknowledges the risk while he agrees to this condition.